Aluminum Geodesic Domes


aluminum geodesic domes
aluminum cover and integrated roof system

With a clear-span aluminum cover and integrated roof system, a geodesic dome is designed to minimize hazardous vapor emissions while preventing water from entering the tank. Domes are ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects, and are corrosion resistant, lightweight, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. That translates into longer tank life and lower costs.

FORGE can ship domes anywhere in the world and they can be erected on-site, usually with no interruption to tank operation.


  • Economically feasible
  • Watertight seal that prevents product contamination and the possibility of a sunk roof due to rain or snow accumulation
  • Easy to install with minimum downtime
  • Aluminum construction creates a maintenance-free structure
  • Strong, durable and corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight design (compared to steel or concrete)
  • Protects the existing seals from ultraviolet and other environmental hazards
  • Minimum evaporation losses

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