Fire Protection Storage Systems






fire protection storage tank
fire protection storage systems

FORGE is a leader in the bolted fire tank industry, offering extensive expertise in the design and construction of fire protection storage systems. Our years of knowledge ensure exceptional fire water storage solutions for safeguarding your facility. We provide detailed drawings, engineering calculations, and stamped foundation designs, collaborating with fire protection engineers to seamlessly integrate tanks into sprinkler systems.

Our advantage lies in constructing fire protection storage systems in one-third of the time required for field-welded tanks, providing crucial time savings for the protection of your facility.

Our commitment to safety is evident in the design of tanks that facilitate safe construction procedures and ensure an injury-free site. Our dedicated project management and engineering teams work to reduce risks, ultimately saving you time and money.

All FORGE fire protection storage systems adhere to NFPA 22 specifications for compliance with local fire codes. Moreover, our products are approved and insured by FM Global, as necessary, further attesting to their quality.

Choose FORGE for your fire suppression tank needs and experience the unmatched combination of expertise, efficiency, and commitment to safety in fire protection storage systems.

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