Fire Protection Storage Systems


FORGE has many years of knowledge in the bolted fire tank industry to ensure exceptional fire water storage for the protection of your facility. We supply detailed drawings, engineering calculations and stamped foundation designs, and partner with fire protection engineers to deliver simple, streamlined integration of a tank into most sprinkler systems.

We’re able to construct fire protection storage systems in a third of the time of field-welded tanks, saving you crucial time when you need your facility to be protected.

If your site has limited space for a storage system, FORGE can easily design and erect your tank around obstacles like racks, piping and support pillars.

Our commitment to safety means our tanks are designed to facilitate safe construction procedures and an injury-free site, and our dedicated project management and engineering teams reduce risks and save you time and money.

All FORGE fire protection storage systems are engineered to NFPA 22 specifications to comply with local fire codes, and all of our products are approved and insured by FM Global, if necessary.

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