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FORGE Potable Water Storage Tanks
FORGE Potable Water Storage Tanks - Bolted Steel Water Tanks

In the market for water tanks that can be quickly erected, while providing premium storage service with low maintenance? A FORGE tank system, designed for potable water storage and water treatment, can be manufactured, erected, and in operation up to three times faster than field-welded or concrete applications, ensuring a quick and efficient setup, especially for bolted steel water tanks. The economical lifetime cost of FORGE tank systems makes them a cost-effective choice for your water storage needs.

Our potable water tank systems are engineered and fabricated to satisfy your unique specifications, meeting industry standards such as AWWA, Eurocode, and other local requirements. Whether you need storage tanks for water treatment or potable water, FORGE provides efficient and reliable solutions.

Looking for bolted steel water tanks? Our professional engineers, with years of design experience, are dedicated to recommending the right solutions for your specific application and location. FORGE's commitment to precision is evident in our factory-controlled environment, where all tank materials are manufactured. This results in precise steel panel production and an optimized coating process, delivering state-of-the-art powder epoxy-coated steel tanks—the best available on the market.

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