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FORGE has the extensive experience and industry knowledge to do it all, but we have the agility to tailor our services to exactly what you need. If that’s a storage tank, we’re there from design to construction. If it’s a comprehensive solution, we’re there to manage the process from bid to signoff. No project is too small or too large – it’s all about giving you what you need and forging a long-term relationship.

With every project, safety is always our top priority. We take great pride in our HSE program, which helps ensure the safety of all of our team members. Our meticulous safety standards are what, in part, allow us to keep our costs down and keep our safety record unmatchable.

ancillary equipment installation

Ancillary Equipment Installation

Need equipment installed that isn’t a storage tank or didn’t come from FORGE? No problem. From bucket elevators and conveyors to mixers and related process equipment, our team has installation covered.

Construction Management

You can rest assured that it’s OUR crew and only OUR crew at your project site. Even if the construction requires that we bring in additional crew, we assign a dedicated management team to oversee the construction and ensure a smooth operation from start to finish.

construction management

Plant Decommissioning/Commissioning

Our crews can disassemble and relocate your existing plant. We can also build plant facilities and commission them for start-up.

Bolted Steel Tank Inspections

Whether you have a customer, insurance agency or regulatory agency that requires an inspection of your bolted steel tank, we offer external and internal inspections.

  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Internal Inspections
    We deploy an ROV inside potable water, fire protection and other non-waste and non-fuel tanks to take images and video to survey the integrity while the tank is in service. There’s no need to take it out of service for the inspection.
  • Visual (External) Inspections
    Our team has decades of experience building and inspecting tanks externally. A visual inspection can be performed to determine if repairs or replacement is needed.
  • Metallurgical Testing
    We use specialty equipment to inspect the thickness of the tank to ensure the structural integrity to remain in service.
bolted steel tank inspections
bolted steel tank repair

Bolted Steel Tank Repair

Our team offers retrofits, rehabilitation, relocation and replacement of bolted steel tanks and their components.

  • Retrofits
    A ring is added to the top or bottom of a bolted tank to add capacity
  • Rehabilitation
    Resurfacing and patching of the tank’s interior or exterior
  • Relocation
    A cost-effective solution that involves dismantling the tank to move and re-erect it at a new location
  • Replacement
    Replacement of damaged components and individual steel sheets to extend tank life

Tank Foundation & Design

We offer ring wall foundation, full slab, and embedded stave design and foundation construction.

tank foundation & design

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