How Long Should a Bolted Steel Tank Last and What Kind of Maintenance Does it Need?

FORGE bolted-steel tanks are long-lasting and are designed to help you save money on tank maintenance and repair. 

With proper maintenance, FORGE bolted steel tanks can last up to 40 years, twice as long as many on the market today. This is because we use quality engineering and the proper coatings to ensure high performance throughout the tank’s lifespan. 

FORGE tanks are designed to offer a cost-effective avenue for addressing issues. For example, every tank is made of bolted, replaceable panels. If something goes wrong with one or two panels, we can swap them out with ease. 

What kind of maintenance do bolted steel tanks require?

We recommend having regular inspections done to identify potential problems such as:

  • Rust and corrosion
  • Uneven settlement
  • Foundation problems
  • Worn seals
  • Loosened bolts
  • Interior contamination

When a technician detects problems early, they may be remedied quickly and inexpensively. 

FORGE provides both internal and external bolted steel tank inspections. We use remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) for internal inspections and visual and human inspections for external inspections. Our team has decades of experience, allowing us to spot problems others might miss. In addition, we use metallurgical testing to ensure the tank has continued to maintain its structural integrity. 

Need help?

FORGE provides a full range of bolted steel tank repair and retrofit surfaces. We are proud to say that our repair services often result in clients who are happy to use our tank installation and engineering services in the future. Therefore, we are happy to repair tanks even if we were not involved in the tank’s initial construction.

Our goal is to build relationships with proven expertise and methodology which will be an asset to your organization. Need to schedule inspection or repair services? Want to build a bolted steel tank that will last for decades? Contact FORGE to get started today.