What is Cathodic Protection in Tanks?

Cathodic protection is a method of controlling corrosion inside storage tanks. You can combine cathodic protection with tank coating to double the lifespan of the coating.

Here is what you should know about these systems before purchasing them as an option for your tank.


Is cathodic protection cost-effective? 

Cathodic protection is extremely cost-effective, both because the cost of installation is relatively low and because it can extend the life of the tank coating by as much as 20 years. 


How does cathodic protection work? 

Cathodic protection relies on the use of a “sacrificial anode.” A sacrificial anode is a metal that is more reactive than the tank material. 

The anode corrodes instead of the tank metal.

The protection is primarily added to the interior of the tank, which is where the highest risk of corrosion exists.


What types of cathodic protection exist?

There are two types.

The first type is galvanic cathodic protection. Galvanic systems use anodes connected in a circuit. Galvanic protection uses the natural difference between the anode and the structure to drive natural currents to the anode. These systems are the most cost-effective and are the ones that the vast majority of our clients choose to use.

The second type is impressed current cathodic protection, which requires an external power source to drive current to the anode. These systems last longer, are easy to monitor, and offer greater system control.


Is it possible to retrofit a tank with cathodic protection?

Yes, it is possible. In fact, FORGE does offer an ancillary equipment installation service that would allow us to retrofit your tank for you. 


How do you choose the right cathodic protection systems for tanks?

The right protection depends on tank material and tank size, as well as your budget and needs. 


How can I make sure my tank has cathodic protection?

Talk to our engineers when you order your FORGE tanks. Our potable water tank systems are engineered and fabricated to satisfy the specifications you give us, including cathodic protection standards.

We are there for you from the design phase to the construction phase and thus can create a comprehensive cathodic protection solution for you. 

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