4 Benefits of Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation Systems

The right insulation system can help you increase the lifespan of your large storage tanks, protecting them from the expansions and contractions that come from temperature changes.

The right insulation can also protect the contents of your tank, especially during the winter, when they might be prone to freezing. In some high-heat environments, the right insulation can also protect the contents of your tank from degrading when temperatures rise above optimum levels.

If it has become necessary to add insulation to your tanks, or if you wish to add insulation to your tanks prior to use, then our vertical standing seam panel insulation systems are often the right choice. Here are four reasons why this is so. 

#1) They’re Easy to Install

Vertical standing seam panel insulation systems can be installed without scaffolding. They don’t require any welding because they use an internal cable and clip system to secure them to the tank wall.

This means they go up quickly, safely, and cost-effectively when compared to horizontal panels, which must be stacked in rings around the tank.

Our standing seam panel insulation systems are engineered to work with all types of tanks, making them a versatile choice regardless of your application.

#2) They’re Easy to Transport

Vertical standing seam panels may be stacked and packed in crates, then transported straight to your job site. They’re smaller, as they are each two feet wide versus 50-foot horizontal panels.

Transportation thus costs far less than it would for other options, as these panels require no special permits and take up less space. 

#3) They’re Extremely Reliable

Vertical panels are less likely to shift over time. They tolerate extreme weather conditions very well. They’ve been designed to maintain a watertight connection regardless of fluctuating temperature conditions. 

#4) Low Ownership Costs

Vertical panels don’t require ongoing maintenance and are moisture-resistant. If a single panel fails, that panel may be replaced without forcing you to install a brand-new insulation system. 

The low-maintenance nature of vertical standing seam insulation panels reduces the costs of owning the panels and the costs of owning your storage tanks as well.

By contrast, horizontal panels require monitoring and tightening of the bands, which secure the panels to the tank in order to prevent buckling.

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