3 Reasons to Choose FORGE Over Other Tank Providers

You have many options when deciding who will provide your bolted storage tanks. Why choose us over any other competitor?

At FORGE, tanks are more than a commodity, and we look for ways to provide our customers with a superior experience. 

#1) All FORGE Field Supervisors and Construction Technicians are FORGE employees.

Even though most tank companies subcontract, at FORGE, we have our own employee crews and engineers on staff. This means we’re accountable for everything that we do while we’re on your job site and for the results we achieve when we deliver your chosen solution.

It also means that you always have access to experts who answer your questions and care about the success of your project. Plus, we’ve found multiple methods for ensuring installation is faster and more cost-effective than our competitors.

#2) We make your life easier.

We have a track record of delivering tanks to job sites on time, getting them installed on time, and providing a quality, long-lasting install. This reduces costs and headaches throughout the lifespan of every tank that you purchase. 

While we believe remaining on time and on budget are the very baseline of customer service, you’d be surprised at how many bolted tank providers seem to find it impossible to meet this baseline.

We’re the company to call if you want results, not excuses. 

We also look for cost-effective solutions to your problems. If we know a less expensive tank retrofit is going to solve your problem just as well as a new tank install would, then we are going to suggest the retrofit every time. That’s how we’d want to be treated were we in your shoes. 

#3) We do what we say we’re going to do.

We remain focused on doing one thing and doing it well, and thus, we make it easy to do business with us. Current customers would tell you that we keep our promises, and they routinely tell us how easy it is to do business with us.

We know that we’re here to support your business and know that matters to you, perhaps far more than hearing a long list of tank features. While we always provide quality tanks that benefit from the latest and greatest in tank engineering, we know that it takes more than better tank design to make our customers happy.

Forge a relationship with us today! 

We sell tanks, but we forge relationships. Most of our customers stay with us for decades because they know we’ll treat them as more than a dollar sign. If you’d like to experience the difference that comes from working with a company that wants to create a partnership with you, then reach out to FORGE to schedule a call today.

We’ll discuss your application, your needs, the challenges you’re facing, and how we can meet those challenges.